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Saving Bank Account
  • Change your passwords, PINs regularly
  • Do not share your login credentials with anyone
  • Always use licensed anti-virus software
  • Always type your URL to access any online portal
  • Do not click on suspicious links received through email or message
  • Always use the latest browser version
  • Always scan your computer & external devices through licensed anti-virus
  • Do not store passwords in your handset
  • Do not use public computers to login
  • Check your account statement at regularly
  • Disconnect the internet connection when not in use
  • Check authenticity of the applications before downloading them
  • Always use a newer version of OS
  • Make sure that firewall is enabled
  • Be aware of phishing and vishing attacks
  • Our Bank executives/officers/representatives never call/SMS/email you to ask your personal information, passwords, debit card details, OTP, etc.